Major differences between Pubs and Bars

Major differences between Pubs and Bars

People are unable to understand the difference between pubs and bars since they almost give similar services of selling alcoholic as well as how customers are served with food. Their major differences are even seen on how both are defined, below are differences between the two, bar is a business establishment which its main purpose is to serve alcoholic drinks that are consumed in premises. Bars acquire licenses under specific reason of only selling alcohol, it may only take a certain part of the building such as ground floor. Whereas a pub means Public House which is licensed to serve alcoholic beverages and food. A pub is bigger than a bar because it occupies a larger room it takes the whole building or customers can buy their drinks and go with them at home.

Food served at the bar is more of appetizers, bar menu has limited choice of food to be eaten by a client. While that of a pub has a variety of food on their menu since it is licensed to sell food to their client. The menu at the pub consists of main meals, dessert, salad, which gives a customer more options when they want to choose food to eat.

The area of allocation also differs

Alcohol served at club bar has a wide selection of different drinks, customers are given a variety of options like, cocktails, beer as well as wine, mocktails, among other selections. Unlike in taproom where buyers have a larger selection of different types of beers, wines, etc. The age limit is concern in bars any person below the age is not allowed into the premises whereas, in pubs minors are not allowed when they are alone but because of selling food, if the minors, are in company of the adult are often allowed.

The area of allocation also differs from each other. Bars are normally found in the cities, good lighting, entertainment which is used to determine if the club is for rich people or poor. The music is usually played loud and have dance floors. While pubs are found in villages and music is played at a very low volume with no dance floor. The owners of bars are referred to as bar managers unlike those of pubs are identified as publican or landlord, pubs can also be owned by certain breweries.

Major differences between Pubs and Bars

Bars as well pubs, have different target groups and have different marketing styles. The target audience of bar are specific, only restricted to them that why they have bars for gays, ladies etc. In case you want to target a specific group bar can serve the purpose. Rather, pubs have no specific audience instead they are open to any person willing to do business with them.

When you want to set up either of them people are encouraged to make decision after knowing the difference between them. However, the customers are unable to understand the difference between the two. Gaining knowledge about them will help you make a sound decision and choose the best business model which make your life more comfortable.